Daniel Moser: From Accountant to Crypto


What were your plans for after college?

Going into senior year of college, I had just come back from study abroad and that really changed my view on things and opened my mind — I experienced new cultures and got to travel the world with some of my closest friends and it was the greatest experience of my life. It’s not like everyone has the opportunity to go travel the world for 5 months and submerge yourself in a culture that you’re not used to. I was living in Valencia, Spain and for 2-3 hours in the middle of the day everything shut down and went to sleep. That was sick.

When I got back, it was back to reality and back to my finance and accounting groove. I would finish up and get my Bachelor’s and I would push to lock in a job. After finishing school I stayed to get my 150-hour requirement to get a seat for the CPA exam which was an extra year of school and when I was done I was studying rigorously every day for 10-12 hours a day for the CPA. January is when work started. So from summer until January I was just studying for this exam.

Did you always want to be an Accountant?

I never wanted to be in accounting. I just knew I wanted to go the finance route. Finance always interested me and the stock market always interested me. I just liked business.I was raised that way and that’s just the type of person that I am. I like working with people and I found finance to be really interesting. So I spoke with my grandfather and mom and they told me that I should do accounting if I’m doing finance as well.

After I graduated and got the job in accounting I turned to my mom and grandfather and said,” Look  I never wanted to do this I’m doing this for you guys” and they said,” No, you should do this for you”. That really made me think. So I said okay I’ll give it a shot and see where it goes.

That’s how I started off in accounting. It definitely wasn’t easy and I needed some words of encouragement from my grandfather and mom. I pretty much suffered with all the friends I made in the program. We were all just suffering together. Nobody liked studying for the CPA exam. It’s a huge time commitment and you gotta really give everything you got to that exam.

I knew it wasn’t for me after the first time I failed but I don’t like failing so I just kept going with it and kept pushing and pushing. I got really close but no cigar. I started my job at PWC and worked for 3 weeks total. I probably go down in the history books of PWC as one of the shortest tenured employees ever.

How did you get into Cryptocurrencies?

Four or five years ago, a buddy of mine brought up bitcoin to me. I didn’t know what it was. I just pushed him aside and was like whatever, jibber jabber, and then a couple of years later a family friend pulled me aside and talked to me for hours about how legit this shit was.

He bought more bitcoin later on and brought up the technology again and how it was going to change the world. In the middle of June 2017 it started gaining more and more exposure. My uncle actually brought it up at the dinner table one night and I called him the next day and told him I was ready to invest. Ever since then I’ve grown this huge passion for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

I’m not going to lie, crypto definitely took a toll on my accounting studies because I wasn’t ever 100% focused on accounting and crypto was always in the back of my head. I really had a true passion for it. I was already very successful in the market at that time and I knew how the market worked. I built up an extremely strong community of good people that I talked to on a daily basis and I just went full throttle into crypto.

When did you decide to take the massive risk to quit a stable job and jump into Cryptocurrency full-time?

After 3 weeks of work at PWC I had a big decision to make and kept questioning if I really wanted to be there. One of my coworkers who was a little bit older said to me, “Look at me. This is your future. I’ve been working until 3 AM for the past 3 weeks straight just to meet some deadlines. You don’t even like accounting that much. If you’re not sure that you like accounting and if you’re not passionate about it you can either give it a shot or if you have something else lined up then just go for that.”

I sat down with two partners at the firm and explained to them how I was feeling. They told me to keep trying it out. Then my friends in the crypto community presented me with the option to start a blockchain and crypto business with them. I went back to my partners and explained the whole business idea and the partners asked me a few questions. They asked me how old I was, if I was married, and if I had kids.

I said no to all three questions. They told me to go for it since I didn’t have any responsibilities. I was in such a weird mindset. I really did want to give accounting a try but this cryptocurrency opportunity wasn’t going to stick around for long so I made my decision. I needed to hop on it ASAP and follow my dreams and my passion. I decided to quit and make cryptocurrency a full-time job.

Our business is called Ceta Network LLC. We focus on marketing services & project advisory for blockchain companies. We give them SPECIFIC ideas or they’ll run ideas by us and we’ll guide them. We also do community management and development for any of their social media platforms or their communication channels. We are a global company. Our partners cover the entire world. We are international.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is a wonderful concept. In simple terms, it’s very comparable to the internet. The technology is limitless. A lot of people have trust issues with the government and the centralization of money with the banks and everything. This gives full authority to individuals. It removes the middlemen from holding on to your money (Banks, Paypal etc…). And finance is just one use for it. Logistics, Healthcare …. The list goes on. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Are you happier now?

I would have never been able to meet these people that I now call my business partners if I didn’t truly have a passion for this or want to learn about blockchain technology. I’ve never met such amazing people and all of us are in it together because we truly love the technology and doing research on them to help them grow. It’s amazing. I can’t speak more highly of it. I’m following something I’m passionate about and that will make all the difference in my life.