How to Crush the Week: 50 Goal Challenge


Every Sunday you might have the “Sunday Scaries” and dread the week coming up. But Monday’s aren’t so bad… right? You have the chance to start fresh and get on top of your life. What can help you focus your energy and get the life you really want? Goals. So this week we’re starting a 50 goal challenge. 10 goals, 5 days. 10 x 5=50 goals.

So, brew up that hot pot of coffee (or matcha if your a basic betch like me) and write down 10 goals for yourself to accomplish today. Make them manageable and realistic, but still kinda challenging like things that you’ve been thinking about doing but just haven’t gotten around to yet. Or maybe think about habits  that you want to start, or even that new fad that you’ve seen all over Instagram.

Just write 10 things down on something. A piece of printer paper. Anything. The most important thing is to have your goals in writing so that you’re accountable and know what you have to do next. 

These are 3 things that are super important to keeping us anchored each day:

  1. Meditating
  2. Going to the gym
  3. Reading and/or journaling

The other goals on the list are small actions that are pushing us towards bigger long-term goals that we have (like turning Millennial Complex into a thriving website). Hitting small goals every single day will lead you to big things in your future. Here are our 10 goals for day 1:

 We’re gonna post our goals each day to hold ourselves accountable. We want YOU to share your goals with us by using the hashtag #MC50goalchallenge!