Photo by Julia O Test Photography

The Truth Behind the Foodie

Photo by Julia O Test Photography


Nowadays social media has kind of become its own culture as we have (sadly) established it to be one of the most important components of our everyday lives. Through social media, we are able to communicate, share information, stalk our new boyfriends and all of his ex-girlfriends, and interact and inspire people all over the world. It knocks down the cultural value of individual traditions, beliefs, and norms and welcomes different opinions and perspectives on different topics giving purpose to the average internet trolls, but more importantly, to social media influencers.

Social media influencers, better known as fitness gurus, beauty bloggers, foodies, fashionistas, etc., are the face of this culture. Brands send them free products to endorse their own opinions on social media platforms to help them spread word about what’s new and what’s trending. For me, what’s trending on my timeline is wellness. So much self-care. So much health. But is it really healthy to be looking up to all of these fitness Instagram models drinking their green juice and posting their perfect, washboard abs after a 10 minute cycle? No. It’s unrealistic. That’s why I follow people like Ali Bonar, better known as Avokween.

Ali’s instagram started as a place for her to keep her recipes. She had no intentions for it to blow up. But it did and I am oh so grateful for that. Because now not only does she share beautiful & colorful pictures of food, she shares things about herself, her relationship with food, and the struggles with eating she’s had in the past. So instead of always doing a drooling highlight reel of what she’s eating next or how great she looks, she’s also keeping it real. Ali says “You can have a kale salad and you can also have some wine and maybe you haven’t done laundry in a few weeks and that’s fine!” So imma do what Ali said.

Luckily for Ali, her social media journey doesn’t end here. One day she was  blending granola and coconut oil to make a crust for a dessert bar when the Vitamix took control and created this cinnamony greatness, which is now called Granola Butter. She has branded herself as the Kween and has released her first of (hopefully) many more products. Check out her delicious & mouthwatering creations here and “Get Down with the Crown!”