Behind the Scenes of a Social Media Influencer


So it’s a Tuesday night, you’re laying down in bed scrolling through your Instagram and you see your favorite blogger posted a picture from her latest trip to Italy with a personal pizza in front of her. You think “Ugh, why I can’t I be like her and travel everywhere?” or maybe even, “Why can’t I eat that and look like her?” Then you click on her profile, keep scrolling through her pictures, and go to bed dreaming of your life as a famous blogger.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: social media is a highlight reel and it’s hard to not compare ourselves to others when their lives look so glamorous. But, blogger and social media influencer Kimia Kalbasi is here to remind everyone that everything is not necessarily as it seems and that social media to her is not only a creative outlet for her but strictly business and not every aspect of her life is highlighted on there.

Ever since Kimia was a kid she always cherished storytelling, documenting, and sharing her experiences with the rest of the world. As she got older she knew that she loved food, travel, and everything in between but didn’t exactly know how to turn that into a job… until 2 years ago when her stars aligned with social media and “Kimias Kravings” was created.

“It felt so natural when I started out because I had always loved documenting my adventures and sharing my day-to-day activities even before the concept of influencer marketing emerged,” said Kimia.

Kimia wants the world to know that there is so much more behind each post than what meets the eye.

“You are constantly answering emails, networking both online and offline, meeting publicists, brand managers, strategizing and drafting content for deliverables, meeting deadlines, pitching left and right, editing, writing, jumping on conference calls, and everything in between that comes with running your own business. And the fact that you’re always on “ON-MODE” day in and day out, whether it’s virtually or in person, is work in itself let alone all the other countless tasks that go along with it. You’re running the show and every department behind it – one second you’re the CEO making high-level decisions and then the next second you’re the administrator answering emails. You’re wearing so many different hats at once and you have to know how to navigate and become malleable in order to adjust to everything that comes your way.” Kimia explains.

The surface level of what others see is barely a scrape of the reality of the situation and the relentless work that goes into building a social media presence and running your own business despite how glitzy and glamorous it may look. That’s the problem with social media today though… we only see the surface of what’s going on and showcase the highlights. Nobody sees the hardships, rejections, and breakdowns that lead to the path to success and the thing is, that path never ends. It’s important to appreciate the hard work of others and not to compare yourself to it. And in the words of Kimia, “We are all on our own journey and we need to focus on that path and cheer others on along the way.”