A Millennials Food Guide to NYC

Kimia Kalbasi, the creator of Kimia’s Kravings, left California to take her talents to the Big Apple this past year where she was able to amplify her blogging career. Unfortunately for NYC, the crazy East Coast weather wasn’t doing it for the SoCal girl and she’s moving back to the “Best Coast.” We asked her what her top five favorite places to eat in NYC for Millennials are and this is what she gave us:

  1. Industry Kitchen:  Industrial-chic New American restaurant offering wood-fired pizzas & waterbed views. What more could you ask for?

    Kimia Recommends -> Guinness World Record 24K*

    This pizza is purely the golden ticket. Get a huge group to split this with and it’ll be worth every shiny penny.

  2. Blue Ribbon Sushi: Good sushi’s pretty hard to come by in the Big Apple but Blue Ribbon’s got your back with its wide variety of fresh fish flown in daily from the Sea of Japan and the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.     

    Kimia Reccommends -> KanpaChi usuZukuri 

    With this thinly sliced amberjack & yuzu pepper, this place truly deserves a gold ribbon!

  3. Atla: An all-day eatery for contemporary Mexican bites with local ingredients PLUS coffee, wines & mezcals… need we say more?

    Kimia Recommends -> Ceviche Verde

    Ceviche is truly one of the few foods Kimia could truly never get sick of. She loves how fresh and mouthwatering it is… it reminds her of summer! 

  4. Covina: Go to this all-day spot in the Park South Hotel for your fair share of Mediterranean-American pizzas and pasta with a delicious cocktail on the side. 

    Kimia Recommends -> Spicy Honey Pizza

    Kimia’s a sucker for sweet and savory so when there’s honey on pizza – she’s all in.

  5. Thalassa: This Greek taverna serves a high-end, seafood-focused menu in a large, chic space with an Aegean feel. It’s the closest thing to snacking on fresh fish in the gorgeous city of Mykonos. 

Kimia Recommends -> Maine Diver Sea Scallops Wrapped in Kataifi Filo

As a seafood lover, this is pretty much a dream come true. And let’s be real, anything wrapped in filo is that much better by default.